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Sweet Riesling

Sweet Riesling

Kabinett Riesling

Refreshing and mouth-watering, our Sweet Riesling opens with welcoming aromas of crisp green apple and tropical notes.  The wine continues to unfold with flavors of  ripe peach and honeydew melon, capped with a bright acidity.  The hint of sweetness adds to the wine‘s soft and lingering finish. 


Perfect on its own or a complement to spicy Asian cuisine, seafood dishes and roast pork.


Schmitt Sohne Family Wines Sweet Riesling hails from select vineyards along the Mosel River in Germany. The Mosel is regarded as the oldest wine-growing region in Germany, believed to have been established by the Romans around 50 AD.  It is one of the most northernly wine regions in world. Mosel vineyards are famous for their steep south-facing slopes and blue slate soil that help impart the green apple flavors and minerality found in this delicate Riesling. 


Germany’s harvest is typically a month later than other wine regions, allowing for a long ripening season.  Our winemakers carefully monitor the grapes on the vine, picking at optimal ripeness.  During picking, the grapes are handled very carefully to avoid bruising, letting the natural sweetness shine through.  Harvested in the cool early morning, the grapes are brought quickly to the winery, destemmed and placed in stainless steel tanks that help retain our Riesling’s crisp acidity. The wine is kept cool, between 50-65 degrees, during fermentation.


ALCOHOL: 7.5 – 10.0% by vol.
RESIDUAL SUGAR: 43.0 – 52.0 g/l
TOTAL ACIDITY: 6.0 – 8.0 g/l
SERVE: Chilled